RA Conservation Services

Every building and object has its own history and experiences, so requires an individual approach to its care.

RA Conservation services aim to produce a tailored approach to each conservation project. We will conduct a thorough analysis of the condition and environment of your historic building and objects, before starting on any practical work.

Find out more about RA Conservation Services under the headings below or complete the contact form to submit an enquiry. We would love to discuss your project with you.

Conservation Cleaning

Cleaning historical items requires a careful approach using specialist equipment, skills and conservation ethics.

RA Conservation offers expert, practical cleaning of the following materials:

  • Metalwork
  • Stained glass
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Tiles

We also offer training workshops in appropriate techniques for cleaning historic objects

Report Writing

It is essential to understand a historic building, object or collection before working on it to ensure it receives the best care.

RA Conservation provides the following:

  • Condition reports
  • Conservation reports
  • Statements of significance
  • Statements of need

Such reports are required to support grant applications, applications for faculty and applications for listed building consent.

Environmental Monitoring

The environment, like damp and heating, has a huge impact on the preservation of our historic fabric potentially causing it to degrade.

Using environmental monitoring equipment and visual assessment, RA Conservation analyses the impact of environmental factors on your collection.

  • Damp
  • Temperature
  • Heating systems
  • Building envelope

We also offer simple suggestions and solutions for improving the environmental conditions within your building.

Support and training

With limited funding and staff, managing conservation and repair projects within historic buildings and collections is challenging. RA Conservation offers support with the following:

  • Grant sourcing and applications
  • Listed building or faculty consent applications
  • Interpretation and photography of your interiors
  • Training in conservation cleaning and handling

Don’t be daunted by large projects, let RA Conservation help.

Maintenance and management

Keeping on top of the maintenance and management of your historic property and collections aids its longterm preservation. RA Conservation will help to you to produce:

  • A maintenance plan which will work for your building all year round
  • Bespoke calendars to keep on top of cleaning
  • A photographic record and log to monitor the condition of historic objects

These actions ensure that small issues don’t become big ones, and save costs in the long-run.

The survival of our historic artefacts and buildings is in our hands. If we treat them well and pay attention to their needs, they will survive well into the future.