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Latest Posts

Read more about my preventive conservation projects as well as some of my discoveries at historic sites, churches and museums where I have worked.

Don’t be brash with your brass!


When it comes to caring for historic metalwork, less is very often more. Over-zealous cleaning and sometimes (dare-I-say-it) scrubbing, can lead to loss of carved detail in decorative metalwork. This can is undesirable when it comes to commemorative floor-brasses or plates, amongst other things. Inscriptions and dedications can be lost forever, disassociating the object from its […]

Radiant Roundels: working wonders with glass, paint and light


Roundels are small glass wonders which display detailed draughtsmanship and rich subject matter. They use light as the main medium for enriching an interior and are a delight to behold in any setting. Over the years I have been lucky enough to work closely with collections of these artworks and help preserve them for future generations. […]

In hope of a Joyful Resurrection


I simply love this short but powerful little poem which emphasises the transience of life in a very sweet manner. It adorns the ledgerstone (not technically a gravestone but has made it onto my list anyway) of Mr. William King George and it reads: Once I like you could walk and view The tombs of […]

Panel of the Month – June 2017


Hope Panel 3b, window sVII of St. George’s Church, Anstey, Hertfordshire – 1907 This panel contains a personification of Hope and is one of three figures in a three light window containing virtues. The other figures depicted are Charity and faith. “It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” Secondly, […]

Panel of the Month – March 2017


St. Catherine Panel 3b from window nVII of St. Martin-cum-Gregory in York – c.1330 The panel depicts St. Catherine standing in a painted, architectural niche with an elaborate canopy – a common medieval design used to harmonise the colourful painted pictures with the surrounding stone walls. The glass itself is vibrant with colour running through […]

Why do I love visiting historic churches?


“Historic Church” – There must be thousands of these signs scattered across the country yet every time I see one I am gripped! My mind races and I wonder what could be waiting for me at the end of that road. ‘Shall I follow the sign?…Do I have time?…Will I be late?…It probably won’t even […]

Panel of the Month – February 2017


Panel of the Month  – February 2017 (Please click the image for more detail) Detail of panel 3b from the West window of All Saints’ Church in Stamford. The panel shows St. John the Evangelist leading a grieving Virgin Mary away from the scene of the crucifixion. He looks at her with sadness and tenderness. […]

Researching twelve stained glass windows in one church


The Stained Glass of All Saints’ Parish Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire Conducting research of any form into the history of an object, artwork or building can be exciting and rewarding but also very frustrating and often confusing. This is what I found out when I set about researching a group of stained glass windows in a […]

‘Weep not for me your sighs and tears are vain’


In the quiet leafy churchyard of St. Everilda’s church in Nether Poppleton I came across this beauty: Husband farewell and earthly friends adieu What in my power I’ve done for you My debt is paid, sec urely now I rest And trust through Jesus’ merits be blest Weep not for me your sighs and tears […]

‘But it’s only a jumble of fragments!’ – Investigating one stained glass panel


Not worthy of attention? Some stained glass panels and whole windows are dismissed because they have no clear subject matter, are a jumbled mess and are difficult to date. In this post I discover that a small, jumbled and confused stained glass panel can tell an important story about its history and interesting science-y facts […]

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