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The survival of historic artefacts, buildings and building interiors depends on how we treat them now and it is essential that we get it right, otherwise in a few years time they will be lost forever.

Preventive conservation and the conservation cleaning of artefacts requires specialist knowledge. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the cleaning and maintenance of historic buildings and it is important to find the right solution for your building.

With experience in preventive conservation and artefact cleaning techniques RA Conservation will provide expert services in any location working with clients to find the best solution for long-term preservation of historic objects and interiors.

Conservation Cleaning

Methods of conservation cleaning vary between materials and object type and should always be carried out by somebody trained and experienced. Being equipped with the right materials and techniques will ensure the very best care for objects and interiors. Rachel specialises in the following:

Condition assessments, photography and report writing

From condition assessments to maintenance plans it is essential to record the visual and physical properties of an object and its history, as well as whole collections. From a long-term perspective this is key to future-proofing your collection and can help with funding application and disaster prevention.

Maintenance Planning

Each heritage property, historic home, personal or professional collection needs a different approach to its long term maintenance in order to respond to their unique nature and provide the height of expert care. Bespoke maintenance plans and carefully choreographed calendars will be created so that you can carry on keeping on top of the cleaning and regular checks necessary to support a collection.

Environmental Monitoring

The climatic environment in all spaces changes throughout the day and year. Although this is a natural process it can be a problem for collections. Objects such as wood and textiles are vulnerable to humidity for example and this can cause instability and cracks. If possible environmental conditions can be monitored and controlled to maintain a stable and safe environment for objects to inhabit. With training from West Dean College and the latest equipment RA Conservation will monitor the environment in which your collections live to determine whether it can be altered to improve their survival.

Training in object handling and conservation cleaning

Georgina (left) and Laura (right) measuring and recording a disused sign for Holy Trinity, Goodramgate.

Rachel is available to visit any site and carry out various services for any project. However it is essential that care can be continued after the site visit, assessment and conservation cleaning. RA Conservation offers training in all of the above mentioned services to help custodians and clients manage some of their collections projects in the future.

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