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    In hope of a Joyful Resurrection

    I simply love this short but powerful little poem which emphasises the transience of life in a very sweet manner. It adorns the ledgerstone (not technically a gravestone but has made it onto my list anyway) of Mr. William King George and it reads: Once I like you could walk and view The tombs of friends interred, So you like me Ee’r must be, Go hence and be prepar’d Although the name appears unusual now there was quite a fashion for naming children after royalty at this time. The first King George came to the throne in 1714 and subsequently the George family had this naming pattern for several generations. Prior…

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    One week to go!!

    Hi all there’s just one week to go until the Stained Glass Book Launch at All Saints’ Parish Church in Stamford. I am gearing up to sell a lot of books and also planning to fit in two short talks at 2pm and 6pm. Everyone is welcome to join us for refreshments throughout the day and what better place to buy the book than when surrounded by the windows it is dedicated to!! Look forward to seeing you all there!! To order the book please click here!!! It costs £20 and will be delivered within 3-5 working days after you receive a confirmation email.