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Rachel believes that every individual building should be given the tools and knowledge to be able to care for its own heritage and collections – rather than them degrading or all being taken in to a museums storeroom or archive, never to be seen again. This includes being able to carefully clean objects and maintain buildings. She is here to help you do that in an affordable way.

The survival of objects and buildings depends on how we treat them now and it is essential that we get it right, otherwise in a few years time these things will be lost forever.

Preventive conservation cleaning requires a specialist in historic objects and interiors with the appropriate methods, tools and analtical approach. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the cleaning and maintenance of historic buildings, their interiors and their artefacts and it is important to find the right solution for your building. All buildings need cleaning but historic buildings need an extra level of care and knowledge in the approach to their care. This can be encompassed in a maintenance plan for theĀ  building which outlines when to check certain areas of the building, how frequently to clean areas and what times of year are best for carrying out these routines. Objects, likewise, require a specific and careful approach. If an artefact is to survive into the future care must be taken in its handling, position, display and cleaning. A decision can be made based on careful consideration and analysis of its reaction with the current environment. Materials and decoration have a huge affect on the cleaning techniques for such items and these must be taken into consideration when creating a conservation cleaning schedule.

Rachel has a wealth of experience working in a variety of historic buildings and is available to attend your site and offer the following solutions for your conservation cleaning and maintenance needs:

One-off preventive conservation cleaning – objects only

One-off preventive conservation cleaning – entire site and objects

One-off preventive conservation cleaning and long-term maintenance plan

Regular preventive conservation cleaning and long-term maintenance plan

One-off preventive conservation cleaning and long-term maintenance plan with training for custodians

Also available:


Report writing

Environmental monitoring

Rachel measuring

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