‘But it’s only a jumble of fragments!’ – Investigating one stained glass panel


Not worthy of attention? Some stained glass panels and whole windows are dismissed because they have no clear subject matter, are a jumbled mess and are difficult to date. In this post I discover that a small, jumbled and confused stained glass panel can tell an important story about its history and interesting science-y facts […]

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Redisplaying the Houfe Memorial Chairs

Houfe chair detail with birds

In a damp cupboard in a little old North Yorkshire church, sat two dusty chairs…   In 2015 we received a letter expressing deep concern about the whereabouts of a pair of chairs which had been donated by an ancestor of the letter writer. She had been to Allerton Mauleverer church and not seen the […]

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Conservation cleaning – Frank Green’s riding whip


Imagine the delight of Treasurer’s House staff and volunteers when Frank Green’s riding whip turned up in an antique shop! It was clear that this was Frank’s whip because it had his name and the name Treasurer’s House inscribed in the metalwork. The whip was quickly purchased and is now on display in the house. […]

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CCT Chattels project for the North

Georgina (left) and Laura (right) measuring and recording a disused sign for Holy Trinity, Goodramgate.

Cataloguing and describing all artefacts, furnishings and fittings in a historic church is no quick job! Many churches are hundreds of years old and have gathered monuments, donations of books and all kinds of things, from candlesticks to old tablecloths throughout the centuries. Trying to pin point a creator, date of creation or even vague […]

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Decorative Wooden Bannister

Wooden banister finial (post-conservation cleaning)

  The staircase at Goddards House was designed by architect Walter Brierly in the Arts and Crafts style. It is wooden and has a highly decorative banister, complete with finials, which, over the one hundred years of use, has accumulated a deep layer of dirt. This grime is the consequence of various hands using the banister […]

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Rockingham Vases

Rockingham 1

Goddards House and Gardens, located on Tadcaster road in York, is a National Trust property which was once home to a famous family of confectioners: the Terrys. The three Rockingham vases date from between 1830-1842 and were manufactured by the internationally renowned company Rockingham Pottery, located in Swinton near Rotherham. In the group there are […]

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