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Exploring churches, churchyards and other historic sites in my spare time and preserving objects and collections in a variety of practical projects.

For four years I have been working and volunteering in historic properties. I have developed my knowledge through employment, voluntary work and university studies, in order to improve my skills in and delivery of all aspects of collections care, especially preventive conservation.16978974302_82eef99000_o

I have a wealth of experience including object handling, non-invasive conservation cleaning and maintenance of all collections, conservation of stained glass, high quality documentation and reports, photography and research. These skills have been learnt from my employment with the National Trust (2015-2016), York Museums Trust (2016), Epping Forest District Museum (2016-2017); volunteering with the Churches Conservation Trust (2013-2016), practical conservation placements (2012-2014) and my Masters in Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management (2015). Furthermore I have published a book on the Stained Glass of All Saints’, Stamford, Lincolnshire, its history and significance and have trained others in object handling and collections care.

I am interested in promoting the importance and sharing the knowledge of object conservation and care in the hope that it will help people to value historic objects, antiques and even everyday items. Every artefact tells a story and using their history we can connect with the past.

The degradation of objects fascinates me as well as their history and hopefully through my work and my blog entries I can teach others the importance of spotting degradation phenomena and environmental issues early enough to prevent the destruction of entire collections or singular objects.

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I am ables to offer the following services at very reasonable prices:

Report Writing

Collections Care



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